Watershed Development Plan

Fiddyment Creek, Milne Creek, Fraction Run

The City of Lockport has recently been awarded a Section 319 Grant for the development of a watershed-based plan for the Fiddyment Creek, Milne Creek, and Fraction Run Watershed. Collectively these three are referred to as the FMF Watershed. This project is sponsored by the City and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). Stakeholder input is both welcomed and needed throughout the watershed plan's development, a process that is currently underway.

Purpose of Watersheds

A watershed is the area of land that contains a common set of streams, creeks, and rivers that all drain into a single larger body of water. Using a watershed boundary, targeted goals and actions can be planned to improve the water quality for the waterbodies that the watershed drains into by creating a watershed plan. Watershed plans are a collaborative process that involves creating a plan to achieve a set of goals and objectives based on the characteristics of that individual watershed. A detailed watershed plan can provide guidance for managing storm water, encouraging sustainable development, and restoring water quality. 

The FMF Watershed

The FMF Watershed is located in central Will County, Illinois. Fiddyment Creek, Milne Creek, and Fraction Run and their tributaries make up the majority of streams in the FMF Watershed area. These streams drain into the Illinois and Michigan (I&M) Canal, and along with the Deep Run Creek and Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, drain into the Des Plaines River. The watershed area contains several high-quality natural areas including Lockport Prairie and Lockport Prairie East and other trails and preserves such as the I&M Heritage Trail, Fiddyment Creek Preserve, Joliet Iron Works Historic Site, and Runyon Preserve. The watershed includes portions of the following communities: Joliet, Lockport, Romeoville, Rockdale, Fairmont, Crest Hill, and Homer Glen. FMF_Watershed_Location

View / Download the Milne Assessment Map (PDF)

The City of Lockport has already completed a streambank stabilization assessment along Milne Creek within its municipal limits to promote effective green infrastructure ideas into the watershed development plan for the region. Just under 8,500 feet of Milne Creek was assessed and approximately 50% was determined to have critical erosion control issues. This is one example where a watershed plan can assist a community and provide a source of information and eventual support for grant funding applications through the IEPA and other sources.

Milne Assesment for Website

View / Download the FMF Watershed Map (PDF)

Purpose of the Plan

Watershed plans are created to better serve the communities in them. We need stakeholder input to help us identify problem areas within the watershed, such as flooding, erosion, habitat, recreation, and water quality. You can fill out the Stakeholder Survey online or complete the survey at one out at libraries and municipal buildings within the watershed area. If you have any questions, please email HLR Engineering. 


 Below is a tentative schedule for the milestones outlined toward the completion of the completing the Watershed Plan.

MilestoneTentative Dates
Project InitiationWinter 2020-2021
Identify & Involve StakeholdersWinter 2021 - Summer 2021
Presentation & Public MeetingFall 2021 & Spring 2022
Collect Baseline DataWinter 2020 - Fall 2021
Draft Watershed Plan DevelopmentSpring 2021 - Spring 2022
Watershed Plan Review & RevisionsSpring 2022 - Fall 2022
Plan Completion & ApprovalsFall 2022 - Winter 2022

Open House

An informational open house for the Fiddyment Creek, Milne Creek, and Fraction Run (FMF) Watershed Plan will be hosted to: 1) receive input from stakeholders and 2) present information on the watershed. Stakeholder input will help identify critical areas and problems, such as: flooding, erosion, poor habitat, limited recreation, and water quality concerns within the watershed. Exhibits will be on display and project team members will be present to discuss the project and answer questions.

Lockport Public Works & Engineering Department
17112 Prime Boulevard, Lockport, IL 60441
Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Please contact HLR Engineering via email at least five (5) days prior to the open house to request special accommodations. If you are unable to attend the open house, you can participate by:

  • Filling out the Stakeholder Survey. Surveys are also available at libraries and municipal buildings within the watershed.
  • Viewing updates, maps, and information about the watershed (above). 
  • Sending questions via email to HLR Engineering.