Anticipated 2019 Projects

Farrell Road Bike Path
Project to include installation of 8' bike path along Farrell Road between Division Street and 163rd.  

2019 Sanitary Sewer Lining
Project to include lining of sanitary sewer evaluated as a part of 2019 Sanitary Sewer Televising project. Lining will greatly increase the strength and lifetime of existing sanitary sewer.

2019 Sidewalk Program
Project to include removal and replacement of sidewalk throughout Lockport that has been deemed unsafe. Sidewalk requests accepted for 2019 Sidewalk Program through May 3, 2019. 

2019 Storm Water Program
This project will involve the evaluation and design of improvements to address stormwater issues as determined by Staff.

2019 Resurfacing
This project will involve resurfacing, patching, curb repair and sidewalk repairs across the City. Locations are various across the City.

163rd & Gougar Signalization
This project will include the installation of a traffic signal utilizing the existing geometry at the intersection.

Division Street Watermain
This project involves the replacement of watermain from State St. to Briggs St. The project will include resurfacing within the project limits and landscape restoration.

Milne Creek Streambank Stabilization
Project to include installation of streambank stabilization on a severely eroded portion of Milne Creek just north of Adams Street.

Hamilton Parking Lot Reconstruction
This project will involve the reconfiguration, resurfacing and additional of drainage improvements to the Public Hamilton Parking Lot.

Gougar Road Watermain Installation 
The project involves the installation of a watermain connection between Well 14 and 163rd Street. The distance is approximately 6,900 LF. ROW and/or Easement acquisistion will be required for the project as well. The project also includes the installation/relocation of two (2) pressure reducing valve stations.

IL-7 Frontage Road Bridge Repairs 
This project involves web repairs of the beams at piers 2 & 6 and full deck replacement. Replacement/relocation ofthe expansion joints where the deterioration is occurring is also included.