Board of Police Commissioners

The Board of Police Commissioners is tasked with the hiring and promotion of the sworn police officers of the Lockport Police Department. The commissioners are also tasked with disciplinary issues, if need be, based on a recommendation by the Chief of Police.

When police testing occurs, the Board of Police Commissioners advertises the acceptance of applications through local media outlets, as well as, this website.

The Lockport Police Department tested for the position of Police Officer in October 2017, with an eligibility list posted in October 2017 and utilized until October 2019.

Eligibility List

The 2017 to 2019 Lockport Police Department Eligibility List has been posted. Attached, via the following link, are the results of the written test administered by the Lockport Board of Police Commissioners. These results comprise the initial eligibility list for filling patrolman vacancies occurring during the next two years. 

A number of the top scorers, deemed sufficient to meet the number of anticipated vacancies, will be invited for an interview and will comprise the final eligibility list from which candidates will be selected to fill vacancies in the order of a combined score of a written test score and an interview score. A background investigation will be conducted, and a number of additional tests will be administered to each candidate being considered for employment. The attached written test results are in score order, and the last 4 digits of each applicant's Social Security Number, not the name, identifies the applicant. 

View the current police department eligibility list (PDF).


Contact Us

Phone: 815-838-2132


Meetings are held at Lockport City Hall located at 222 E. 9th Street every 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 6 p.m. Meeting notices for both regular and non-regular meetings are posted on the City of Lockport Police Commissioner page.