Board of Police Commissioners

The Board of Police Commissioners hires and promotes sworn police officers of the Lockport Police Department. The Commissioners are also tasked with disciplinary issues, if need be, based on a recommendation by the Chief of Police. The Board of Police Commissioners consists of three (3) appointed members each serving three year terms.

When police testing occurs, the Board of Police Commissioners advertises the acceptance of applications through local media outlets, as well as, this website.


Contact Us

Phone: 815-838-2132


Meetings are held at the Central Square Building, City Hall, located at 222 E. 9th Street, 3rd Floor on an as needed on-call basis. Meeting Notices and Agenda's will be posted at the Lockport Police Department, City Hall, and published on the City of Lockport's website on the Board of Police Commissioner page. City of Lockport Police Commissioner page.