The Lockport Police Department consists of several different divisions. Please browse the following pages to see the specific functions of each division:


The Lockport Police Department command structure consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police, and two Commanders, one for Patrol and one for Investigations.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Unit of the Lockport Police Department is staffed by two police officers. Each officer is assigned different programs they oversee, as well as, department grants for extra enforcement of traffic laws during holidays and other times of the year.


The investigations unit is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of all cases brought to the attention of the department.


The patrol division of the Lockport Police Department is the largest division in the police department.

Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Unit of the Lockport Police Department is staffed by one officer. The officer assigned to the traffic unit is responsible for general traffic enforcement, directed traffic patrols, abandoned autos, and truck weight enforcement.