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  1. Watch the April 1st COTW & City Council Meetings Live

    The regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole and City Council Meetings on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 can be viewed live using existing City & LCTV technology. Please click View Details for a list of locations.
  2. Redwood Development Update

    The Redwood proposed concept plan presented at the Planning & Zoning Meeting on Tuesday, March 10, will not be presented at the Committee of the Whole (COTW) Meeting on April 1. This case is planned to be presented at the COTW meeting on May 6. View Details
  3. 2020 Census

    Important information about the 2020 Census including a timeline of events, frequently asked questions and answers, and ways to respond - including online for the first time. 2020 Census
  4. 2020 Meeting Schedule

    View the regular scheduled meetings for the City Council, Committee of the Whole, Plan & Zoning Commission, Board of Police Commissioners, and Heritage & Architecture Commission. 2020 Meeting Schedule
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