Facade and Site Improvement Grant Program

The City of Lockport has implemented a grant program for commercially zoned properties within the City limits. The goal of this program is to help business owners keep the exterior of their buildings and property attractive, which in turn keeps the City of Lockport attractive. The grant is intended to encourage business owners to make necessary improvements to the façade of their building and/or site improvements which include landscaping, surfacing of parking areas which are currently not paved or where gravel is present (improvements must include the installation of curb and gutter), and bringing non-conforming freestanding signs into conformance with the sign code.

Grant participants are eligible to receive reimbursement of up to 50% of approved costs of eligible improvements, according to the following: $20,000 per primary facade easily visible from the surrounding public streets, and/or $10,000 for general site improvements.  Award amounts above the $50,000 maximum or above the $20,000/$10,000 per facade grant can be awarded at the sole discretion of the City Council upon recommendation by the Director of Community and Economic Development or City Administrator and based on available funding in current City fiscal period.  The application must be approved by the City Council and all necessary permits obtained prior to the applicant commencing façade and/or site improvements. After the project is completed all invoices and proof of payment must be submitted and approved prior to City reimbursement.

For more information, please review the Façade and Site Improvement Grant Program Application and Details (PDF)

Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm System Installation Assistance Program

The City of Lockport has implemented a Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm System Installation Assistance Program for eligible commercially zoned buildings constructed prior to April 1, 2003 at which time the City of Lockport amended the 2000 International Building Code to mandate fire sprinklers in all buildings over 5,000 square feet in area. Upon approval of the proposed improvements, the City will consider reimbursing property owners a portion of eligible costs with the amount of reimbursement being based on the type of eligible improvement and allowable use of the building as defined in Section Eight. The goals of this program are to provide an incentive for property owners to enhance the protection of their structures and its occupants, as well as to improve the economic viability of the properties located specifically in Downtown, and along the 9th Street and North State/Archer Avenue corridors.

In advance of submitting your application, please schedule a pre-application meeting with representatives from the Community Development Department to discuss details of your proposed improvements. The respective Fire District representatives may also be in attendance at this meeting.

For more information, please review the Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm System Installation Assistance Program Application & Details (PDF)

Downtown TIF District

The City of Lockport is committed to revitalizing downtown Lockport in order to offer its residents and visitors a unique variety of retail and dining experiences and to create a thriving heart of Lockport.

The City of Lockport has created a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District in downtown Lockport to help redevelop the area and attract new businesses. TIF is a tool used by local governments to encourage economic growth within the TIF district by dedicating tax revenues generated within the TIF for improvements within the district. The state allows a TIF district to be in place for up to 23 years. In the district, the City offers financial assistance to developers who will redevelop areas that otherwise wouldn’t be redeveloped. These areas must meet a number of criteria that are determined by state law, such as age, deterioration and depreciation. The money that the City allocates to the developer is repaid over time by the tax revenues that the redevelopment generates.

To view the TIF District Map (PDF)

TIF Created: March 2009
TIF Expires: March 2032

For more information on TIF Districts, visit the Illinois Tax Increment Association website

Other Incentive Opportunities

To encourage significant rehabilitation projects or help secure a particularly desirable project, the City is willing to offer incentive opportunities depending on the selected site and type of business through tax sharing or tax rebates, or other business assistance as part of a redevelopment agreement. These incentives must be requested before any improvements are made, and property owners must be willing to enter into a formal agreement with the City. All incentives and agreements must be approved by the Lockport City Council. Businesses seeking tax rebates must be willing to disclose sales.

For more information, please contact Ben Benson, City Administrator at (815) 838-0549 ext. 2111 

Will County Tax Abatement Program

Will County and many communities offer abatement of ad valorem real estate taxes as an incentive to new or retained businesses. Will County’s tax abatement program is done on an application/weighted process. As a result of the application evaluation, a project can receive 50% abatement on improvements for 3, 4, or 5 consecutive tax levy years. Abatement can only apply to improvements done to the property, based on equalized assessed valuation of the property. The Will County Tax Abatement Incentive is administered by the Will County Center for Economic Development.