Current Development

Development Projects
At any given time there are a number of projects happening in Lockport's Downtown. Some are rehabilitation, others new development, and sometimes they are infrastructure improvements.
Current Projects
These projects often benefit from Facade Grants and available TIF Funding provided by the City of Lockport.

Developers, investors, and business owners should always contact the Pam Hirth, Director of Community and Economic Development, via email to see if they are eligible for such assistance. Listed below are some of the most visible projects.
1028 South State
This 3 level building is currently being remodeled from the ground up. New steel beams have been installed to allow an open floor plan for all 3 levels. A wide, internal stair connects the street level floor to the upper level making it perfect for a split level restaurant.
1028 South State
The street facade will remain much the same as it is now while the rear is being aesthetically improved and will have access for the rear parking lot.

For more information on this property contact Vince Martinez at 708-612-2000.
Star Business Park
In 1911, Texaco built an oil refinery just north of Thornton Street in Lockport. For 70 years, the refinery drove the Lockport economy. In the early 1980s, Texaco closed the refinery and began the process of decommissioning and dismantling the facility. Texaco merged with Chevron in 2001 and as a result of the merger, the refinery is now owned by Chevron.
Clean up work continues at the former Texaco Refinery and when complete, will make available for redevelopment a total of 170 acres of M-2 industrially zoned property. The soils remediation for the 1st phase of the Star Business Park consisting of 98 acres has been completed and is nearing final regulatory approval to proceed with the marketing of this site. For more information on this property please contact Carla P. Baker at 863-644-3364.
I&M Canal Cleanup
Chevron initiated sediment removal activities in August 2008, cleaning 2 miles of the canal adjacent to the former Texaco refinery. The sediment removal project was completed in November 2009 following removal of sediments in a half-mile stretch of the canal downstream of the former refinery, from Second Street to Ninth Street.
I&M Canal Cleanup
Overall, more than 90,000 cubic yards of sediment were removed from the I&M canal and over 12,000 linear feet of canal bed and walls have been cleaned. The photo above shows the bedrock floor of the Canal adjacent to the Gaylord Building as it is being swept by a mechanical broom.