Master Plan

Developing Downtown
A vibrant Downtown has long been a dream of Lockport residents, City Councils, and Mayors. For many years it has been an elusive goal but recent developments have given revitalization in Lockport's Historic Downtown legs.

New Developments
The I-355 extension through Lockport with 2 on / off ramps and a newly established TIF District are key elements that were not part of past revitalization plans.
Master Plan Images
The Master Plan
In early 2009, the Mayor and City Council of Lockport approved a Master Plan for the redevelopment of Lockport's Downtown. This plan is the product of community input, dedicated city staff, and a professional consulting team comprised of BauerLatoza, Topografis, Economic Research Associates, Land Strategies, and V3 Company.

The plan itself is a comprehensive document that covers all aspects of revitalization and development. The document has been divided into categories which can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

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