Public Works

The mission of the City of Lockport department of public works is to effectively maintain and operate all of the city’s public facilities and infrastructure. Also to provide the necessary services and equipment that is required in order to successfully achieve the optimum level of benefits to the citizens of Lockport to assure a comfortable and confident life style through these provided services and facilities.

RPZ Testing

*Please Note: RPZ Tracking is now being handled by CCRA Professional Services LLC. All RPZ reports should be submitted via their website. For questions, please contact Wyatt at 630-450-7781 or Joe Findlay at (815) 838-1705

All homeowners that have a sprinkler system are required to submit an annual RPZ test report prior to activating their sprinkler system for the season. The RPZ test must be performed by a licensed plumber that has a cross-connector license as well. 
Reporting Issues
Please report water leaks or main breaks to City Hall by calling 815-838-0549, option 3. For emergencies after hours, please call WESCOM at 815-838-2131.

Discolored Water
Due to pressure fluctuations in the system, you may experience some discolored water. The sediment in the mains causes this to occur. In the early spring, the mains will be flushed to remove the accumulated sediment. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It will take a few hours for the system to settle. Please contact the Water Department if the problem persists for more than a day.
Public Works