Christina Bergbower

City Council
Title: Alderwoman, 3rd Ward
Phone: (779) 707-5203

Christina Bergbower was elected to the City Council in 2016.  As a business owner in the community for 20+ years, Christina realized this community was crucial to her success.  Giving back, therefore has become her mission in life.  In 2015 Christina moved to Lockport with her children Amelia, Levi, and Lilah Rose.  Her tenure has resulted in the enactment of numerous ordinances.  These accomplishments reflect an empathetic inner compass, mindful of growth through thoughtful environmental management and its impact on residents.

Christina regards that “The strength of a team is each individual member.  The strength of each member is the team” – Phil Jackson.  So much has been accomplished in 4 years, Christina believes, because of the committed teamwork of the board and the unique strengths of each member.  Bergbower is especially proud to have successfully pushed the idea of a more all-inclusive grant program for the businesses impacted by Covid-19.  With public works efforts, modified the tree replacement program and partnering with Alderman Lobes and the Environmental Committee, successfully lobbied to ban the use of coal tar in Lockport.  She has also forged strong relationships with area business owners.  Co-chairing DeTour with Renee Saban, Christina has been instrumental in helping the downtown business district during the construction project.

During the early stages of Covid-19, Christina personally engaged individual business owners to initiate the website with Mayor Streit, whereby allowing the community easy access to food establishments.  Her most accomplished and impactful on-going project is the Sweets and Savory Crawl.  Started in 2014, “The Crawl” showcases Lockport and its best-loved restaurants.  A successful business owner in her own right, Christina is also possibly the city’s most accessible alderman as she can be seen slinging cones at the Lockport Dairy Queen.


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