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  1. Apply For

    1. Building Permits

    2. Block Party Application

    3. Contractor Registration

    4. Freedom of Information Request

    5. Outdoor Special Event Permits

    6. Planning & Zoning Permits

    7. Raffle Permit

    8. Tag Day and Street Solicitation Permit

  2. Contact

    Find important contact information.

    1. City Council

      See the members of City Council.

    2. City Staff

      View contact information for city staff.

  3. Find


    1. Available Properties

      Browse through available properties in Lockport.

    2. Employment Opportunities

      Take a look at available job opportunities.

    3. Lockport Amenities

      See Lockport attractions, restaurants, and more.

    4. Resident Information

      Access newsletters, maps, important phone numbers, and more.

    5. Visitor Information

      Learn about Lockport amenities, parks, businesses, and more.

  1. View


    1. Building Permits & Information

      Access building permit forms and information.

    2. Bridge Load Limits & Permits

    3. Currently Registered Contractors

    4. FAQs

      Search for answers to commonly-asked questions.

    5. Financial Information

      Look at budgets and financial reports.

    6. Maps

    7. Municipal Code

      Peruse the Lockport Municipal Code.

    8. Planning & Zoning Permits

    9. Snow Removal Plan

      Look at how the city removes snow on streets.

    10. Waste & Recycling Information

      Seek details on garbage and recycling services.

    11. Water Services

      Seek details on city water services.

  2. Volunteer