Frozen Pipe Prevention

frozen pipesWhen Temperatures are Below Freezing:
  • Open your cabinet and vanity doors that have pipes on an outside wall to let the room temperature air flow in.
  • Leave your sinks on so a constant trickle of cold water is flowing at all times through the pipes.
  • Insulate pipes in cold areas, and along outside walls.
Helpful Tips if your Pipes Freeze:
  • Shut off water immediately at the inside main shut off valve.
  • Thaw pipes by using a hair dryer or carefully attended space heater, slowly warming the air around the pipes. NEVER use an open flame.
  • Once the pipes are thawed, turn the water back on slowly. Check the pipes and joints for any cracks or leaks that might have been caused from freezing temperatures.
If your pipes are frozen for more than 24 hours please call our Water Department at 815-838-0549, option 3.