Yard waste


Yard Waste Program Due to Resume on April 1st...

Please be aware that Waste Management will start picking up yard waste on April 1st and will run through December 8th. If you do not currently have the rented yard waste container you can put your leaves in kraft bags (no sticker necessary).  Branches/brush must be securely bundled with string or twine and must follow these requirements…

·        Bundles must weigh less than 50 pounds
·        Bundles must not be longer than 4 ft in length
·        Branches must not be more than 5 inches in diameter

Please note that sod, whole trees, limbs greater than 5 inches in diameter, stumps, and dirt are not part of the weekly yard waste program.


Our Public Works' Spring branch pick-up day is May 7th and they will only make 1 pass through town so get your branches out by May 7th.  The Fall branch pick-up day will be October 2nd, where they will only make 1 pass through town as well.

In the Fall, our Public Works Department will pick up loose leaves lined up at the edge of the parkway from mid-October through the first week of December.