The City of Lockport works directly with a number of organizations and committees whose volunteers are the backbone of our character, livability, and success. These organizations sponsor events, or help with other events, that help benefit our community. Whether you would like to be a member of the organization/committee, or just volunteer for special events, there is a place for you to make a difference in the Lockport community.

Please click on the link to each Organization/Committee for a brief description of their purpose in Lockport. Then, complete the application and indicate how you would like to be a part of each team. Feel free to choose more than one organization to help.

To become a part of an Organization/Committee complete this application and submit it to the Mayor's Office.

Independent Committees

  1. Artist Guild of Lockport

    encourages artistic awareness and artist participation through programs and exhibitions that enhance, encourage and promote the arts in the City of Lockport.

  2. Main Street Lockport

    focuses on downtown revitalization to preserve and capitalize on the historic character of the downtown and ensure its economic future. Also partners with the city for several community events such as Old Canal Days, 1836 Event, Clean Sweep, Bike & Dine, etc.

  3. Old Canal Days Committee

    organizes the annual Old Canal Days event that attracts tens of thousands of residents and visitors from all over the state to celebrate the I&M Canal and its contributions to the success of Lockport.

  4. Roxy Committee

    offers fun, recreational opportunities involving the Roxy Theater in downtown Lockport. Partners with the city and other community groups to offer several movie showings in the historic theater.

  1. Summer Art Series Committee

    organizes the annual Summer Art Series event that offers a unique artistic experience and gala for residents and visitors of Lockport.

  2. Lockport Emergency Management Agency

    The city's Emergency Management Agency is comprised of a Director and several volunteers. The members are trained to assist in emergencies, whether traffic-related, weather-related, etc. EMA also helps with several special events throughout the year.

  3. Sister City Program

    Lockport Sister City Program works to embody the goals of Sister City International and promote cultural, educational and economic exchanges with our sister city, Asiago Italy.