Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration registration is critical to  our Building Services documentation.  It allows the City to know which contractors currently have projects in the community and to maintain their certificates of insurance and bonding paperwork.

Authorizing Language from the Municipal Code:

- 115.05 Registration Required:

  • (A) No person shall be a contractor within the city without first having obtained a certificate of registration therefor as herein provided. Any person who engages in the construction, repair, or alteration of any building, structure of street or sidewalk pavement within the city, for which a building permit is required, is presumed to be a contractor and must be registered hereunder unless such presumption is rebutted.
  • (B) A homeowner engaged in constructing, altering or repairing the homeowner's personal residence shall not be considered a contractor for purposes of this chapter.

- 115.03 Application For Registration:

  • Application shall be made, in writing, to the Building Department upon forms furnished thereby.  Each application shall state the name of the applicant, applicant's address, individual persons to be operating under such registration, type of contracting performed and a statement that the applicant agrees to comply with this chapter and all city ordinances relating to or regulating such activities.

- 115.04 Bond Requirements:

  • (A) Before receiving a certificate of registration as provided herein, each applicant shall deposit with the Building Department, a bond with surety to be approved by the corporate authorities to indemnify, keep, and save harmless the municipality against loss, cost, damage, judgement, or liability of any kind whatsoever which the municipality may suffer or be put to, or which may accrue against, be charged to or be recovered from the municipality or any if it officials by reason of any act or thing done or neglected to be done under or by virtue of the authority given in such registration, and further conditioned that the applicant shall well and faithfully observe all the provisions of this chapter and other ordinances and other regulations of the city relating to the activities engaged in under or by virtue of the authority given in such a registration.  Such bond shall extend over the registration period and be in the sum of $20,000.
  • (B) It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to notify the city of any streets, curbs, sidewalks, or parkways that were damaged prior to the start of construction on the permitted property.

- 115.05 Liability Insurance Requirements:

  • (A) No person shall act as a contractor or subcontractor within the city, nor shall be registered, unless the contractor or subcontractor deposits with the city Building Department a certificate of insurance issued to the contractor or subcontractor, by a company approved and authorized to issue such insurance by the state, which shall be in effect at the time that the application is filed with the city in the following amounts:
  • Contractors Insurance- Type of Insurance: General Liability; Property damage (limits of liability): $500,000 each occurrence, $1,000,000 aggregate; Bodily Injury:  $500,000
  • Worker's Compensation-  $100,000 each accident, $100,000 each employee, $500,000 policy limit
  • Employer's Liability (only required if applicant has employees)
  • (B) A new certificate of insurance shall be filed when the policy reaches the renewal date which shoed the policy to be in effect for the remainder of the certificate period.

- 115.06 Issuance of Registration Term:

  • (A) The Building Department shall issue a certificate of registration upon proper application and compliance with this chapter.  All certificates of registration shall expire annually on the anniversary date of issuance.
  • (B) No certificate of registration for said contractor or if a corporation, any of its officer, manager, or director thereof, or any stockholders owning in the aggregate more than 20% of the stock of such corporation, owes any fine, penalty, fee, or debt to the city, unless the payment of such obligation is the subject of a bona fide lawsuit in the state or federal court.

- 115.07 Registration Fee:

  • The annual registration fee shall be $100.

- 115.08 Cancellation of Insurance:

  • Cancellation of the insuranmce provided for herein shall cause automatic revocation of the contractor's or subcontractor's permit(s).  All insurance certificates must include an endorsement whereby the insurer agrees to endeavor to notify the city at last ten days prior to non-renewal, reduction, or cancellation.